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Webinar: Quantifi & Deloitte SA - IFRS 13: CVA, DVA, FVA and the Implications on Hedge Accounting 

September 16, 2014

Quantifi and Deloitte South Africa recently hosted the free webinar "IFRS 13 - CVA, DVA, FVA and the Implications on Hedge Accounting".

Presented by Dr. Dmitry Pugachevsky, Director of Research at Quantifi; Searle Silverman, Consultant at Deloitte South Africa and Philip van den Berg, Consultant at Deloitte South Africa.

The webinar focused on the following:

  • Challenges and Implications of Measuring Financial Instruments Under IFRS13
  • Fair Value Adjustments - CVA, DVA, FVA
  • Impact of Valuation Adjustments & OIS Discounting on Hedge Accounting
  • Risk Factors and Requirements for Calculating CVA, DVA, and FVA (XVA) 

Read more and view slides: Quantifi




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