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'Too big to fail' could be slapped on more non-banks 

September 2, 2014
Joseph Lawler, Washington Examiner

Top financial regulators will meet next week to discuss identifying non-bank financial companies a threat to the entire financial system and subjecting them to tighter regulation.

It is widely expected that the Sept. 4 meeting announced by the Financial Stability Oversight Council late Thursday will focus on applying the label of "too big to fail" to one insurer, MetLife.

The FSOC, a super-regulator created by the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial reform law to be responsible for identifying overall threats to the financial system, previously voted in August to finish collecting evidence about one company it was considering labeling a systemically important financial institution. The Wall Street Journal reported that the firm was MetLife, which has been going through the process of being designated a systemic threat for months.

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