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financial risk

China's Economy Gives Little Sign of Slowdown as PMIs Hold Up

May 1, 2018

‘The numbers are pretty solid,’ JPMorgan economist Zhu says

Index of new export orders edged down, input prices gauge fell

Emerging Markets Have Had a Good Run. But Things May Get Bumpier

April 17, 2018

Trade spats, China slowdown, QT launch, U.S. yields pose risks. Some investors are getting more selective in bonds, currencies

Commentary: Financial Empowerment for the Emerging Market Consumer

April 5, 2018

Providing financial services to improve quality of life and help alleviate poverty remains a challenge.

BoE's Financial Policy Committee warns about Brexit risks

October 3, 2017

Brexit poses "significant risks" to financial services companies, the Bank of England's financial stability committee warned in a report on Tuesday

Gundlach warns U.S. low-risk financial environment could change

June 15, 2017

The lengthy low-risk, low-volatility U.S. financial environment should not be viewed as a "new paradigm," influential bond investor Jeffrey Gundlach said on a webcast on Tuesday.

Axing Dodd-Frank Could Put the Entire Financial System at Risk

June 13, 2017

Consumer advocates criticized House Republicans’ push to effectively defang the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau with a bill passed last week, but some observers warn that the bill’s biggest threat is that it opens the door to a repeat of the 2008 financial crisis.

Bonds Paying Sub-5% for Eternity Flash Risk Warning for Asia

June 7, 2017

Fixed-for-life perpetuals can have risky structures

Zero-coupons are the latest innovation in region seeking yield

Liquidity weighs on Chinese markets, crunch unlikely

June 7, 2017

Chinese financial markets may be in for a month of cash squeeze pressure, but a liquidity crunch is unlikely to happen.

Structured credit risk premium at narrowest level since crisis

June 1, 2017

Top rated slice of collateralised loan obligations now 1.1% over Libor

Financial risk is rising

May 29, 2017

This week the European Central Bank raised the risk level in one of its four main risk indicators for financial stability from "potential risk" to "medium-level risk".


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