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Risk Management

Tanzania: Banks Need to Reduce Credit Risks

December 6, 2016

Lending is the backbone and core business of commercial banks. Yet the portfolios have proved to be the source of recurring problems and cause for failure of many commercial banks. Credit portfolio management grew out of the need to improve the financial performance of the large corporate loan portfolios in commercial banks.

China’s banking regulator tells lenders to improve risk management of property loans

October 24, 2016

China's banking regulator has asked lenders to step up risk management of property loans amid record gains in house prices that have raised concerns of price bubbles and ballooning debts.

Stress tests for banks becoming more crucial: Singapore

June 29, 2016

Given the fragility of global markets in a low-growth, low-rate environment, stress tests on banks will become an increasingly important and integral part of risk management in the financial sector, said Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) deputy chairman Lim Hng Kiang on Tuesday.

Quantifi Develops Commodity Credit and Counterparty Risk Management Solution with Leading Global Commodity Firm

May 25, 2016

Quantifi, a specialist provider of risk, analytics and trading solutions, today announced it has developed an enterprise commodity credit and counterparty risk management (CCRM) solution in collaboration with Bunge Limited (“Bunge”), a leading global agribusiness and food company. 

Derivative investors doubt benefits of LSE-Deutsche Börse tie-up

April 6, 2016

Deutsche Börse’s $20bn combination with the London Stock Exchange Group promises an “industry-defining combination” but there are doubts that traders and investors relying on derivatives in a post-crisis world will see the benefits.

BNY Mellon Urges Buy-Side Companies to Take Comprehensive View of Collateral Strategy

March 9, 2016

The study, Collateral Management: Navigating the Regulatory Maze, argues that buy-side companies are playing catch up with sell-side businesses, which have more than 25 years' experience in implementing sophisticated balance sheet driven collateral solutions. Buy-side companies should rethink their business models in relation to risk, capital considerations and collateral management.

Prisoner’s Dilemma reveals bond fund risks

March 8, 2016

The road to Hell is paved with well-intentioned risk management initiatives. Burgeoning bond funds are seen as amplifying risks of a market rout. Fund managers such as BlackRock in the US and Aberdeen Asset Management in the UK have set up extra credit lines as shock absorbers. But British regulators are now worried these could exacerbate a crisis rather than avert it.

ECB Encourages Banks to Diversify Revenue Pool on Low Rates

March 2, 2016

Banks struggling to make a profit in an environment of low interest rates should diversify their revenue pool, European Central Bank Executive Board member Sabine Lautenschlaeger said.

Bank survey shows bankers worried about credit risks

January 25, 2016

Eighty percent of Chinese bankers polled in a survey said the greatest pressure the Chinese banking sector faced last year was the prevention and control of credit risks and the containment of non-performing assets.

The Fixed Income Markets Today

January 19, 2016

Over the past few weeks leading up to the end of 2015, we have experienced a pick-up in volatility in the fixed income markets. This volatility is most evident within the high yield sector, which has been under stress throughout the year. This stress, coupled with the end of nearly seven years of zero rates and indications that we could see more rate hikes in 2016, has pulled a lot of attention onto the fixed income market and raised many questions regarding how to allocate within the asset class.

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