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Basel III will represent major improvement

April 27, 2018

The revised market risk framework drawn up by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) for Basel III will represent a major improvement to the pre-crisis regulatory framework when it is finally completed and implemented, according to the authority.

EU sees step-by-step approach to bank trading capital rules

April 17, 2018

New global standards on how much capital banks must hold against trading risks won’t be fully inserted into European Union law for the time being, a senior European Commission official said on Wednesday.

Vietnam starts next phase of bank reform with TPBank listing

April 6, 2018

Nine more in pipeline this year as country seeks foreign investors

Blame Basel rules for the UK house price bonanza

June 16, 2017

Regulators’ tendency to reduce mortgage debt risk helped drive property gains

Bank capital deal takes shape despite impasse says Basel head

December 1, 2016

An outline deal on how much capital banks must hold to avoid a repeat of the financial crisis has taken shape, a top regulator said on Wednesday, despite the failure of negotiators at a two-day meeting to reach agreement on global standards. The European Union had threatened to boycott the proposed rules unless they are diluted and agreeing a deal is seen as a litmus test for a global post-crisis regulatory consensus.

A showdown looms over bank capital rules

November 25, 2016

In Santiago on November 28th and 29th the committee of central bankers and supervisors from nearly 30 countries that draws up global bank-capital standards is due to thrash out revisions to Basel 3, the version agreed on after the financial crisis of 2008. European (and some Asian) bankers and officials fear additional capital requirements are coming; Americans are all for the changes. Stand by for a standoff in Chile.

Banks Warned Not to Hurt Nordic Risk Case With Complex New Swap

September 14, 2016

The head of Denmark’s financial watchdog is urging banks to think twice before resorting to capital relief instruments, or risk weakening Nordic efforts to fight global regulators eager to enforce more standardized models for predicting losses. The instrument in question is a synthetic securitization, in which a bank transfers credit risk in its loan portfolio to investors, who in turn get a cash flow.

Basel Urged to Keep Hands Off Mortgage Market in Nordic Scenario

September 12, 2016

Global bank regulators need to drop a plan to set minimum capital requirements for home loans, according to the man overseeing the world’s oldest and biggest market for mortgage-backed covered bonds. Jesper Berg, director general of the Financial Supervisory Authority in Denmark, says the capital floors that the Basel Committee for Banking Supervision wants to enforce globally ignore major national differences in risk levels. 

Banks turn up heat ahead of Basel Committee meetings

September 2, 2016

Banks have intensified their battle against a planned toughening of global capital rules, urging regulators to scale back reforms that they warn would force them to curtail lending. In a joint letter to the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, associations representing banks in Europe, Japan and Canada say that the proposals as they stand would “significantly increase capital requirements”, in turn limiting banks’ ability to lend.

Banks Push Back Against Basel’s ‘Surreal’ Plans

August 9, 2016

European bankers are ramming home their message that global regulators are trying to impose outlandish new rules that aren’t backed by the mandate they got from policy makers. Finance chiefs exploited pledges by G20 and European Union finance ministers to avoid boosting capital requirements as they campaigned against the plans during earnings calls in past weeks.

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