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Global Markets Are Facing Major Milestones at Every Turn

April 24, 2018

The U.S. government’s decade-long borrowing costs crossed the 3 percent threshold for the first time in four years on Tuesday.

CME Is Said to Mull Rule Change as Basel Pressure Hampers Banks

March 23, 2015

New rules meant to make banks safer are prompting the world’s largest derivatives exchange to consider changing how it backs trades in one of the biggest shifts since futures were created in 1865.

Basel Finds Banks $341 Billion Short of Liquidity Rule

March 3, 2015

Global banks are 305 billion euros ($341 billion) short of a target for easy-to-sell assets intended to prevent another financial crisis, according to the latest data from the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision.

BlackRock urges fund scrutiny to contain redemption risk

June 21, 2014
Regulators, seeking to avoid a replay of the 2008 financial crisis, are contemplating ways to reduce the likelihood that an exodus from funds could freeze financial markets during a sell-off and much of the focus is on bond mutual funds.
BlackRock, the world’s biggest money manager, is encouraging regulators to scrutinize the risk of an investor flight from mutual funds and consider potential restrictions that would help prevent asset sales.
“There is no historical evidence that this type of run has ever occurred, however, it’s worth doing deeper analysis to understand the questions better,” Barbara Novick, BlackRock’s vice chairwoman, said Wednesday.
Regulators, seeking to avoid a replay of the 2008 financial crisis, are contemplating ways to reduce the likelihood that an exodus from funds could freeze financial markets during a sell-off. Much of the focus is on bond mutual funds and whether they might lose assets rapidly if interest rates rise. Investors poured $1 trillion into U.S. bond funds from 2008 to 2012 and pulled $80.5 billion last year, according to data from the Investment Company Institute.
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French credit insurer Coface launches $1 billion IPO

June 16, 2014

French credit insurer Coface launched an initial public offering (IPO) worth up to 895 million euros ($1.2 billion) on Monday as its owner Natixis seeks to reduce it exposure to the sector.

EFAMA says industry wants more time for MiFID II

June 16, 2014

The director general of EFAMA has said the financial industry feels ‘rushed’ into implementing MiFID II following a discussion on EU regulatory initiatives at the group’s annual general meeting.

ABS industry pins hopes on ECB repo criteria for rules relief

April 28, 2014

Analysts seem to agree that there is no easy way around the differentiation of sound, premium-quality ABS from more opaque structures as the preliminary step in any regulatory relief, and so promote the ECB's criteria as the basis for cherry-picking assets.

BOJ says 90 percent of banks taking on more risk post-QE

April 24, 2014

"Financial institutions have reduced investment in domestic bonds, especially Japanese government bonds (JGBs), while increasing investment in relatively high-risk assets such as loans," the central bank said in a semi-annual report analysing Japan's financial system.

ICBC, Bank of China to Gain Relief With New Capital Ratio System

April 15, 2014

Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Ltd. and Bank of China Ltd. won approval to change how capital ratios are calculated, in line with international standards, as regulators seek to ease financing constraints for the country’s biggest banks.

Don’t let rate worries hide liquidity risks

March 24, 2014

Focus in asset-liability management centers on interest rate risk (IRR), as the banking industry composes its playbook for rising rates. The Fed’s announcement about rates this week merely put more urgency into that focus.

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