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Bonds Paying Sub-5% for Eternity Flash Risk Warning for Asia

June 7, 2017

Fixed-for-life perpetuals can have risky structures

Zero-coupons are the latest innovation in region seeking yield

Why Asian Banks are Well Positioned for Basel III

November 24, 2016

A San Francisco Fed review of 75 major banks in 13 Asia Pacific economies indicates that, as of the most recent year-end 2015, the banks are well positioned to meet the Basel III minima for implementation in 2019.2 The strong position of Asian banks with respect to Basel III requirements can be attributed to the build-up of capital and liquidity buffers after the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997-8.

Asian Banks' $60 Billion Hole

May 4, 2016

Asia's lenders have dug themselves into a $60 billion hole, which they'll have trouble climbing out of without pulling shareholders down with them. That sum is the ``missing" bad loan provisions, or the difference between the amount earmarked to deal with souring debt and what banks would need if 2016 turned into a repeat of 2008.

Asia and the next financial crisis

February 22, 2016

The Asian financial crisis of 1997–98 was a huge turning point in Asia. Asia’s confidence in the IMF and the US leadership to help through global institutions in a time of crisis was seriously shaken. The disillusionment was deepest in Tokyo, Seoul, Bangkok and Jakarta — Beijing was then an innocent defender of the status quo.

Euro Drops Amid Risk Aversion

November 4, 2015

The euro weakened against the other major currencies in the early European session on Tuesday amid risk aversion, after the US government accused German automaker Volkswagen of cheating air pollution tests for a second time and British lender launched a 5 billion dollar rights offering.

Basel III not seen as good fit for Asia banks

November 2, 2015

Asia's banks will likely need to raise hundreds of billions of dollars in the coming years to meet new capital requirements that may not fit their circumstances particularly well, a full room of delegates at FinanceAsia's Borrowers & Investors Forum, Southeast Asia, heard on Thursday.

UOB: Asian credit markets to rebound this year

May 28, 2014

According to its head of Singapore and Asia Fixed Income Chia Tse Chern, the Asian credit markets will typically do better after a poor year, which saw the total return dip by 1.4% in 2013.

Extraterritoriality and volumes make future uncertain for CCPs

March 24, 2014

The number of central clearing counterparties is likely to rise in the near future as new entrants put Latin America, Africa and Australia on the map for OTC derivatives clearing, but with more regulatory intervention expected and unpredictable customer flows, the new venues face an uncertain future according to a new report by analyst firm Aite.

China Faces More Bond Market Risks After Chaori, CICC Says (1)

March 19, 2014

China will face more risks in its bond market following the country’s first default on onshore debt, according to China International Capital Corp.

Indonesian banks seen as less attractive due to shareholding restrictions

March 19, 2014

Banks in Indonesia are becoming less attractive to Malaysian financial institutions because of ownership restrictions.

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