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Risk Appetite Is Near 'Panic' Levels, Threatens Recovery: Credit Suisse 

October 15, 2015

Clayton Browne, seekingalpha.com

An October 9th report from Credit Suisse Fixed Income Research titled "Risk appetite is near "panic" levels notes that global industrial production growth dropped below 2% for September, highlighting the sputtering economies of EM nations and the very slow growth of developing economies, and the resulting lack of risk appetite from investors.

However, despite the current economic doldrums, CS analyst James Sweeney and team say that "…we expect only a mild slowdown. Despite ongoing weakness in China and emerging markets, developed market demand should remain robust enough to put a floor under growth - preventing a production collapse. Importantly, even after decades of globalization, developed market industries rely overwhelmingly on developed market demand, minimizing the risk of contagion from EM."

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