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ECB to review securities lending and bond purchases  

November 30, 2016

The European Central Bank (ECB) is preparing to review its securities lending and bond purchase programmes at its upcoming 8 December meeting. “The ECB’s securities lending is proving valuable for smooth market functioning, and it is being reviewed on an ongoing basis,” explained an ECB spokesperson.


Global risk repricing endangers financial stability  

November 30, 2016

The euro area financial system has shown resilience in the face of repeated bouts of financial market turbulence over the past six months according to the latest Financial Stability Review of the European Central Bank. However, risks to euro area financial stability related to possible global asset market corrections have intensified.


China banks risk Lehman moment as wholesale borrowing rises  

November 29, 2016

Chinese banks are increasingly reliant on funding sources that western peers used before the financial crisis, leading investors and analysts to warn that China’s financial system could be vulnerable to a Lehman Brothers-style collapse. Their use of volatile wholesale borrowing to fund balance sheets has particularly worried analysts, who warn that banks could be left without the stability of a broad retail deposit base and unable to raise cash when most needed.


China banking regulator to tighten rules on lenders' derivative trading  

November 28, 2016

China's banking regulator has drafted rules that will require lenders to tighten risk management in derivatives trading, a business the watchdog said has been expanding rapidly in recent years. Lenders must set up sound policies and procedures in dealing with risks stemming from derivative trading, and must include counterparty credit risk management, the China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) said on its website on Monday.


A showdown looms over bank capital rules  

November 25, 2016

In Santiago on November 28th and 29th the committee of central bankers and supervisors from nearly 30 countries that draws up global bank-capital standards is due to thrash out revisions to Basel 3, the version agreed on after the financial crisis of 2008. European (and some Asian) bankers and officials fear additional capital requirements are coming; Americans are all for the changes. Stand by for a standoff in Chile.


Eurozone stability risk on the rise with some countries vulnerable  

November 24, 2016

Financial stability risk is rising in the euro zone and concerns may re-emerge about some countries’ ability to sustain their debt, potentially raising pressure on weak sovereigns, the European Central Bank has said. In an unusually downbeat message, the ECB warned that global political shifts, including the new US administration, may trigger sudden asset price volatility and flow reversals, compounding existing vulnerabilities to rising interest rates and yields.


Why Asian Banks are Well Positioned for Basel III  

November 24, 2016

A San Francisco Fed review of 75 major banks in 13 Asia Pacific economies indicates that, as of the most recent year-end 2015, the banks are well positioned to meet the Basel III minima for implementation in 2019.2 The strong position of Asian banks with respect to Basel III requirements can be attributed to the build-up of capital and liquidity buffers after the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997-8.


Dollar Surge Weighs on Bonds, Emerging Markets While Topix Gains  

November 24, 2016

The dollar extended gains at the highest in more than a decade as a stronger case for hiking U.S. interest rates weighed on bonds and gold. Japanese stocks climbed, while emerging-market assets dropped. The greenback’s strength was felt across Asia, with India’s rupee touching a record low and the Philippine peso at the weakest in eight years.


IMF: Chinese banks are disguising a massive amount of bad debt  

November 24, 2016

China's banks are disguising bad debts by turning them into "securitized packages" rather than writing them down as non-performing loans, according to the IMF. The "untradeable debt" comes from China's "shadow credit" world, which has generated a massive amount of credit that has the potential to become suddenly illiquid.


ECB ups scrutiny of bank loans to high-risk borrowers  

November 23, 2016

The European Central Bank is increasing scrutiny of bank credit to highly indebted borrowers after finding risky loans have boomed since 2012 due to its own ultra-low interest rates, it said on Wednesday. The ECB and other major central banks around the world have pushed interest rates to zero or lower to stimulate lending and support economic growth in response to the global financial crisis.

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