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Bank Regulators Considering Concessions on Key Capital Rule  

August 27, 2015

After financial firms complained for about a year that some of the new requirements will make it overly expensive to offer derivatives to clients, regulators planned to discuss possible concessions at a private meeting starting Wednesday, according to two people with knowledge of the talks. 


Credit derivatives clearing catches on  

August 25, 2015

Credit investors are buying into clearing for single-name credit default swaps as a cure for the ailing market - even though it is sometimes more expensive than existing bilateral execution methods.


Esma Holds Firm on Double-Sided Reporting  

August 25, 2015

Derivatives reporting to trade repositories under Emir began in Europe in February last year. However there have been problems with the poor quality of data reported, particularly the absence of Unique Transaction Identifiers and Unique Product Identifiers, and with reconciliations between repositories. 


Investors race to escape risk in global bonds  

August 24, 2015

In the past week alone, investors pulled $2.5 billion from emerging-market bond funds, the largest withdrawal since January 2014. The world’s fastest-growing economies — led by China — have been propelled by soaring commodity prices, robust currencies, and access to cheap loans, primarily through the sale of high-yield, high-risk bonds.


Australia – Will Single-Sided Reporting Relief Help OTC Derivative Issuers?  

August 24, 2015

Australian issuers of OTC derivatives (with less than A$5 billion gross notional outstanding positions as at 30 June 2014) will need to report for the first time from 12 October 2015. Draft regulations in relation to single-sided reporting relief have been published which will assist those issuers – but only to a limited extent in relation to some transactions/ positions.


Regulators seek input on harmonisation of unique OTC trade reporting identifiers  

August 21, 2015

The Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructures and the International Organization of Securities Commissions are seeking comment on proposals for harmonising the Unique Transaction Identifier used to be used for OTC derivatives trade reporting.


Australian fund managers flex collateral muscles in bank swap deals  

August 20, 2015

Investment funds are stipulating that banks post collateral in over-the-counter derivatives agreements to protect funds should a bank become insolvent, and are widening the classes of collateral they themselves wish to post.


Q2 2015 U.S. Banking Review: Common Equity Tier 1 Capital Ratios  

August 19, 2015

Improved operating results for major U.S. banks, coupled with continued efforts by the banks to clean up their balance sheets, have resulted in a sizable increase in common equity tier 1 (CET1) ratio figures for the industry compared to the end of 2014.


Uncompetitive clearing market could trigger 'unmanageable' risks  

August 19, 2015

The European industry group also argued that the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR), which currently offers the pensions sector a time-limited exemption from centrally clearing derivatives trades, should be amended to allow the exemption to continue indefinitely.


Korea Exchange to serve as trade repository for OTC derivatives  

August 18, 2015

South Korea's bourse operator will serve as a trade repository that stores data on over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives trading to improve transparency and meet global standards, the financial regulator said Tuesday.

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