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BlackRock rejects U.S. concerns on securities lending agreements  

May 30, 2014
Emily Stephenson, Reuters BlackRock pushed back on Thursday against a U.S. report that raised concerns about asset managers and securities lending, arguing in a paper sent to regulators that its activities do not pose outsized risks. At

Seminar Reveals Challenges and Benefits of XVA  

May 29, 2014

Senior practitioners from leading financial institutions, regulators and other market participants gathered for a compelling evening of unique insights and discussion on XVA (CVA, DVA, FVA).

  • Increasing trends towards a centralized XVA desk
  • Inconsistent calculation of CVA/DVA across front office, regulatory reporting and accounting
  • Resource Management is very important

Financial Networks Key to Understanding Systemic Risk  

May 29, 2014

With financial markets around the world so interconnected, the analysis of “networks” in the financial system would help deepen understanding of systemic risk and is key to preventing future financial crises, say leading researchers and policymakers.


UOB: Asian credit markets to rebound this year  

May 28, 2014

According to its head of Singapore and Asia Fixed Income Chia Tse Chern, the Asian credit markets will typically do better after a poor year, which saw the total return dip by 1.4% in 2013.


Pension funds begin clearing swaps  

May 27, 2014

European pension funds have begun clearing over-the-counter derivatives despite being exempt from the regulatory mandate for years to come. Global pension assets totalled US$21.8trn at the end of 2012, according to the OECD, with a fair chunk of these residing in Europe.


U.S. swaps watchdog seeks more comment on proposal to curb speculators  

May 23, 2014

Commodity Futures Trading Commission acting Chairman Mark Wetjen said reopening the comment period was designed to ensure the proposed changes did not block access to markets for those who use them to hedge prices rather than for speculation.


DERIVATIVES: Work needed to spot next crisis  

May 23, 2014

Regulators and the derivatives industry need to redouble efforts on aggregating and analysing swaps data in order to spot future systemic build-ups of risk in derivatives markets, an audience at the Centre for Economic Policy Studies heard in Brussels.


Implementing EMIR: the storm before the calm  

May 23, 2014

EMIR imposes requirements on all entities that enter into any form of derivative contract, including those not involved in financial services, including non-EU firms trading with EU firms. From February 12th this year, all counterparties were required to report details of derivative contracts (OTC and exchange traded) they have concluded, or which they have modified or terminated, to a registered or recognised trade repository.


Congressman Stymied in Promise to Undo Dodd-Frank Rules  

May 23, 2014

When Jeb Hensarling took over the congressional panel that spawned the Dodd-Frank Act, he vowed to roll back the landmark Wall Street law and eliminate government programs that backstop private markets.


Geithner Book Reveals Consensus, Not Vision, During Financial Crisis  

May 23, 2014

The former Treasury secretary’s new book, “Stress Test,” has stirred up the old debates and anger: How the bailout was overly generous to the banks and bankers; how the failures on housing were inexcusable; how the financial regulatory reform was inadequate.

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