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Indian banks eyeing overseas bonds to meet Basel III: cbank official  

November 29, 2013

Some Indian banks are looking to issue bonds in overseas markets to raise capital under Basel III guidelines, a senior central bank official said on the sidelines of an event on Thursday.


CFTC provides non-US banks extension  

November 29, 2013

he CFTC has eased up slightly on non-US banks this week after the agency surprised industry participants with a guidance published two weeks ago that brought down strict enforcement of a bevy of requirements on unprepared non-US banks.


The Volcker rule: Five things you need to know  

November 28, 2013

Of the 400-plus regulations in the Dodd-Frank Act, the US’s sweeping regulatory effort to rein-in Wall Street, the Volcker rule – which would ban banks from proprietary trading – is causing more headaches than any other. 


Fund managers welcome central clearing of derivatives  

November 28, 2013

Local clearing houses are grooming their fixed income and currency businesses for derivative instruments, ahead of any mandatory clearing requirements in Asia. One fund manager believed central clearing will benefit the industry.


Why Bankers and Regulators See Very Different Future for Giant Banks  

November 27, 2013

Government officials believe ever-intensifying regulatory requirements will force the largest banks to shrink and simplify to the point they are no longer a threat to the financial system.


CFTC opens door to agency bank swaps model  

November 27, 2013

Newly-issued guidance from the CFTC has given the nod to an agency-style business model for dealers in over-the-counter derivatives that will dramatically alter the way banks interact with clients and profit from swaps trading.


Spain To Allow SME Loans As Covered Bond Collateral  

November 27, 2013

Spain is changing its covered bond law to make small and medium enterprise (SME) loans eligible as underlying collateral, expanding what most investors think of as covered bonds and changing the risk profile


Mersch Says ECB’s Stress Tests May Cover Three-Year Period  

November 26, 2013

ECB Executive Board member Yves Mersch said stress tests on euro-area banks will probably simulate three years of negative economic conditions as part of a check on the financial system’s health.


Powell Says Regulators Fixing Big Flaws in Derivatives Market  

November 22, 2013

Federal Reserve Governor Jerome Powell said regulators are attempting to fix the “significant flaws” in the over-the-counter derivatives market that were revealed by the financial crisis.


SEC say credit raters can manage some conflicts  

November 22, 2013

Credit-rating agencies that also offer consulting and risk-management services are taking proper steps to mitigate potential conflicts of interest and should not face additional regulations, the SEC said on Thursday.

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