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Tech upgrade needed for derivatives clearing  

September 29, 2011

The clearing of over-the-counter derivatives will require significant upgrading of current systems to satisfy new regulations and a surge in volumes, according to Tabb Group.


Credit Spreads Widen Further Than Warranted by Fundamentals  

September 27, 2011

The Federal Reserve Decides to Lengthen the Duration of Its Holding


Move beyond Basel III debate, Bank of Canada says  

September 27, 2011

The Bank of Canada urged the world banking community on Tuesday to move on from the debate about the fairness of tougher new rules that are intended to make financial institutions safer.


French bank downgrades put counterparty risk in spotlight  

September 27, 2011

The downgrade of Société Générale and Credit Agricole two weeks ago from Aa1 to Aa2 amid fears over the banks’ exposure to peripheral European debt is stoking debate over counterparty risk in investments.


IMF Sees 300 Billion-Euro Credit Risk to Europe Banks  

September 26, 2011

The European debt crisis has generated as much as 300 billion euros ($410 billion) in credit risk for European banks, the International Monetary Fund said, calling for capital injections to reassure investors and support lending.


Basel Said to Weigh Bank Criticisms of Too-Big-to-Fail Levy  

September 23, 2011

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision will next week consider the need for changes to capital surcharges on the biggest banks amid warnings from lenders that the measures may stymie the financial system’s recovery, according to two people familiar with the talks.


France's BNP, SocGen Beat Retreat as Europe's Crisis Deepens  

September 23, 2011

BNP Paribas (BNP) SA and Societe Generale SA, France's two largest banks, are trimming about 300 billion euros ($405 billion) off their balance sheets as Europe’s deepening debt crisis threatens to make them too big to save.


EU Regulators Should Face Basel Capital-Rule Limits, Karas Says  

September 22, 2011

The European Union should limit national regulators' ability to force banks to hold more capital than required under global rules, the lawmaker in charge of securing adoption of the standards in the European Parliament said.


French banks to meet Basel III rules-SocGen CEO  

September 21, 2011
French banks will meet risk capital requirements under the so-called Basel III industry regulations, the head of Societe Generale said in a newspaper interview published on Wednesday. "French banks have been strengthening their capital with

IMF urges tighter global regulations  

September 20, 2011

Worldwide regulators should push forward with planned regulatory reforms in an effort to safeguard against an increasingly volatile financial sector, the International Monetary Fund has urged.

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