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U.S. Company Credit Risk Gauge Falls From Worst Since June 2010  

August 24, 2011
A gauge of U.S. corporate credit risk fell from the highest level since June 2010 as investors weighed what the Federal Reserve will do to bolster the faltering economy. The Markit CDX North America Investment Grade Index, which investors use

Romney would repeal Dodd-Frank law  

August 24, 2011

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has sharpened his critique of the financial regulatory overhaul signed by President Obama.


In Fed's Move on Capital One Deal, a Test of Dodd-Frank  

August 23, 2011

Capital One is the latest bank accused of being "too big to fail."


Where the Debt Crisis Could Spread: Assessing Credit Risk for Sovereign Debt Issuers  

August 18, 2011

Investors are facing an unprecedented situation. Virtually all the major advanced economies — the US, Japan and Europe — have simultaneously undergone a significant fiscal deterioration, thanks to the after-effects of the financial crisis and worsening demographics.


Risky Business  

August 9, 2011

Four years on from the onset of the credit crunch and there is a palpable sense of déjà vu in the markets. Once again uncertainty is rife, unsustainable levels of debt are raising default fears, and banks are becoming wary of lending money to each other.


Credit Safest Since '08 as Clearinghouses Control Swaps  

August 4, 2011

Credit markets, which inflicted more than $2 trillion of losses and writedowns on the world’s biggest financial institutions from 2007 through 2009, are now seen as the safest since before the financial crisis.



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