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Basel agreement rightly makes the case for more bank capital  

October 31, 2011

The whole subject of international banking regulation, and in particular the topic of capital standards for large banks, may seem a bit untimely just now, what with Europe’s banks at the brink of collapse — even though regulators declared them amply capitalized just weeks ago. Given that recent history, it’s tempting to write off the debate over capital standards as not only eye-glazing but fundamentally irrelevant.


Europe Tries To Recapitalize Banks Without Injecting Capital  

October 31, 2011
Europe’s largest banks may raise just a tenth of the total capital shortfall estimated by regulators, fueling concern policy makers’ plans to bolster the region’s lenders could fail.

U.S. Credit Risk Records Biggest Weekly Decline Since June 2009  

October 28, 2011
A benchmark gauge of U.S. corporate credit risk recorded the biggest weekly decline since June 2009 as efforts by European leaders to stem the region’s debt crisis ease concerns of an escalating financial crisis.

Clearinghouse Over-Confidence  

October 26, 2011

To reduce the chance that a financial meltdown like that of 2007-2008 will recur, regulators are now seeking to buttress institutions for the longer-run – at least when they can turn their attention from immediate crises like those of Greece’s debt, America’s ceiling on governmental borrowing, and the potential eurozone contagion from sovereign debt to bank debt.


Analysis: Volcker pay curbs spark fears of Wall St. exodus  

October 26, 2011

The Volcker rule has created a new battlefield over Wall Street pay that banks fear will send their star traders and hedge fund advisers fleeing.


Counterparty risk makes an anxious return  

October 26, 2011
Every week the fixed income team of one large European bank takes two minutes out of its busy schedule to look at the credit default swap spreads of its competitors. They have been blowing out in recent months, a sign of rising stress at these institutions, becoming a prime marketing tool for the bank.

The Debate Over Counterparty Risk and CVA  

October 26, 2011
Counterparty risk management is a hot topic in light of the credit crisis and many banks are using CVA (credit value adjustment) hedging and other processes. But CVA is evidently a hot potato within investment banks.

IFR-Derivatives trades moved in counterparty fears  

October 20, 2011
Since the beginning of September, large supranationals, agencies and corporate clients have been reassessing their counterparty credit exposures, to US investment banks in particular, as their credit default swaps have gapped out over the past couple of months.

The Accounting Move That's Goosing Bank Profits  

October 19, 2011
Look under the hood of bank earnings releases and you’ll see the banks are booking outsized paper gains in the third quarter from an accounting trick that’s legitimate under current rules.

U.S. Bank Credit Risk Increases as Wells Fargo Revenues Decline  

October 17, 2011

The cost to protect U.S. bank debt climbed after Wells Fargo & Co., the largest home lender, reported a decline in third-quarter revenue.

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