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JPMorgan's Profits Decline 33%  

October 13, 2011

JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM), the second- largest U.S. bank by assets, fell 4.8 percent in New York trading after the company reported that profit declined on a slump in investment banking and trading.

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SEC proposes Volcker rule, swap dealer plan  

October 12, 2011

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission agreed on Wednesday to seek comments on a major plan that would restrict banks from trading for their own profits or investing in hedge funds.


Basel Levy for Systemic Banks Won't Hit Recovery, Regulators Say  

October 11, 2011

Capital surcharges of as much as 2.5 percentage points on the world’s biggest banks will have only a “modest impact” on the economic recovery and may eventually help spur growth, according to global regulators.


BIS Says Those 'Anti-American' Capital Surcharges Will Do More Good Than Bad  

October 10, 2011
One of the more contentious aspects of the new Basel III capital rules is the surcharge placed on the world's largest banks. These banks, also referred to as global systemically important banks (G-SIBs), would be required to hold an additional 1% to 2.5% on their balance sheets.

Regulators stand up for new capital rules  

October 10, 2011
Global regulators insist the economic cost of implementing tough new rules on bank capital requirements will have only a tiny effect on global growth, with their latest estimate putting the impact at barely a tenth of the industry’s own projection.

Banks to be forced to bolster liquid assets: FT  

October 9, 2011

Global banking regulators will press ahead with the first worldwide effort to force banks to hold more liquid assets, the chairman of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision said in an interview with the Financial Times on Monday.


Reforms: Regulators and industry unsure about rules  

October 7, 2011

Last month, two key figures involved in the regulatory overhaul of the over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives markets in the US each gave a speech – just two among many that have been delivered since the passage of the Dodd-Frank Act last year.


The Task Ahead Is to Escape the Basel III Doom-Loop  

October 7, 2011
What has been the biggest economic policy error of the post-Lehman era? I used to think the answer was obvious. The euro zone's decision to impose losses on holders of Greek government bonds has been an unmitigated disaster, an entirely self-inflicted wound that has gravely destabilized the global economy.

Former JP Morgan Head of Counterparty Credit Risk Modelling Joins Quantifi  

October 5, 2011
Dr. Dmitry Pugachevsky joins as Director of Research Brings 18 years of counterparty credit and cross-asset modelling experience London and New York – Quantifi, a leading provider of analytics, trading and risk management

MONEY MARKETS-Stress stays high after EU pledges on banks  

October 5, 2011

Money market stresses stayed high on Wednesday, even as stock markets rebounded after pledges from European officials to safeguard banks. Key measures of counterparty risk remained elevated a day after French-Belgian municipal lender Dexia became the first European bank to have to be bailed out due to the intractable euro zone sovereign debt crisis.

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