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In A Real War Can Virtual Assets Be A Haven? 

April 15, 2018

Forbes, Dante Disparte

"The grinding civil war in Syria, already a fierce proxy battle between the U.S., Russia, NATO allies, Turkey, Israel, Iran and Isis, has entered a new and perilous stage with this weekend’s reprisals to Bashir al-Assad’s use of chemical weapons. A U.S.-led coalition, backed by military assets from France and the UK, positioned a flotilla in the Mediterranean, launching sorties of aircraft and Tomahawk cruise missiles delivering targeted strikes destroying Assad’s suspected chemical weapons facilities. With these strikes, Western powers aim to redraw bright redlines in Syria and remind the world on conventions in warfare that preclude the use of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.

Markets were already skittish as this wave of military action was – in contravention to military norms – telegraphed on Twitter by President Trump, who warned Russia and Assad that “smart” missiles were coming. Surely, when markets reopen on Monday an already volatile global economy will seek havens from the likelihood of a widening conflict, in the real and virtual military theaters, or an all-out conflagration between great powers."

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