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European plea on bank capital to fall on deaf ears 

November 27, 2014
Huw Jones, Reuters

Global regulators meeting next week will not heed European calls to ease bank capital charges to help finance the region's flagging economy, sources close to the situation said, a stance that could prompt the EU to take unilateral action.

The Basel Committee of banking supervisors from nearly 30 countries will finalise new rules for securitisation, or bonds backed by assets like mortgages.

Such asset-backed securities (ABS) based on poor quality U.S. mortgages became untradable in 2007, sparking the financial crisis, and regulators want the banks originating them to set aside more capital to cover potential losses.

The European Central Bank and the Bank of England have repeatedly called for lighter capital charges on top-quality asset-backed securities (ABS) as part of Basel's reforms. 

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