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Derivatives Markets Growing Again, With Few New Protections 

May 15, 2014
Mayra Rodriguez Valladares, New York Times

Despite slow economic growth in the United States and most of Europe still in or hovering around recession, global derivatives markets are 20 percent larger than in 2007. The Bank for International Settlements announced late last week that the global derivatives market is about $710 trillion. That is not a measurement of credit and market risks, but the figure merits attention from regulators and the public, which continues to suffer the ill effects from weakly managed derivatives portfolios in the global financial crisis. Higher volumes are a strong indication that derivatives players’ operational risk is rising.

A derivative, put simply, is a contract between two parties whose value is determined by changes in the value of an underlying asset. Those assets could be bonds, equities, commodities or currencies. The majority of contracts are traded over the counter, where details about pricing, risk measurement and collateral, if any, are not available to the public.

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